Anne Allen | Mike Banovich | Cindy Ivey  |  Robert Schindelbeck

Anne Allen

Ms. Allen has more than 13 years of technical experience in regulatory management and consulting, including extensive experience in all phases of the development, construction, and operation of oil and gas projects in more than 20 states from both the operator and consultant perspectives. Her primary focus is on natural gas facilities, including LNG regulated by the FERC, but her experience includes a broader understanding of the regulatory process for multiple private sector industries. Key experience includes NEPA, government/agency affairs, public outreach, construction compliance programs, and regulatory permitting and compliance.

Ms. Allen’s experience working as a contractor to the FERC has lead to the development of strategic agency relationships and increased insight into evolving issues faced by operators and FERC staff. This experience allows her to provide advisory counsel on the regulatory processes for integration with multi-disciplinary teams, including operator training, agency strategy, risk management, project development, and construction planning. As an operator, she has also been the lead for negotiating multimillion dollar compensatory mitigation projects, developing construction and operational best management practices, giving presentations on behalf of government affairs, and has acted as the environmental public relations lead.

Mike Banovich

Mike Banovich is the Colorado Department of Transportation State Landscape Architect and Program Manager. Mike has worked for CDOT for 27 yrs with a primary focus on landscape and environmental project development, process improvement and research. Although ecological restoration is the main focus of project development at CDOT , Mike is involved in contextual analysis and visual_aesthetic guidelines as required by Federal, State and Local Agencies during the planning, design and construction process.

Cindy Ivey

Cindy Ivey is responsible for establishing the strategic direction for stakeholder engagement plans for Williams. She created, developed and implemented Williams initial public outreach program, one of the first outreach programs for natural gas infrastructure in the country. She recently served on the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s Pipeline Infrastructure Task Force and chaired the Public Participation workgroup. Cindy has a degree in Petroleum Land Management from the University of Texas at Austin and has been with Williams for 17 years.

Robert Schindelbeck

Robert Schindelbeck has worked to develop the Cornell Soil Health Laboratory over the last 14 years. He oversees the operation and modifies the testing strategies and develops the soil health management planning effort to assist growers and researchers to best use the information. Robert has considerable field experience and has planned, developed and implemented field experiments studying soil physical behavior under different management regimes.