Dear Attendees,

Throughout history, we have witnessed the benefit of when minds with different experiences and backgrounds, come together to realize a common goal.

This premier reclamation summit is structured on this truism. Our event will be the host to four, diverse and dynamic speakers, who approach reclamation, restoration and remediation with a unified goal; to make the land as good, or better than its original state.

In addition, the day will feature Field Sessions, where all attendees can see how the science, technology and operations of our industry are all a vital part to the reclamation, restoration and remediation of our lands.

We will break this day down into the theory, all the way to the specialized equipment, which is revolutionizing our industry.

If you would like to join us for this exciting day as a sponsor or attendee, please click HERE.

Best Regards,
Aaron DeJoia
Principal Soil Scientist