May 4th, 2023


For Reclamation & Construction

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The only event of its kind, The Summit is a unique construction conference where professionals come together to learn, share, and network with industry experts dedicated to protecting the environment. The full-day event includes a full schedule of interactive stations and live demonstrations, and roundtable discussions and panels with land restoration and construction industry experts. Attendees get hands-on experiences with equipment and implementing cutting-edge industry technology and best practices, and when they’re ready for a break there are food trucks to enjoy!

A Reclamation Conference for Everyone!

There are so many other industries and businesses that overlap with the land reclamation and construction industry. At our annual convention, we work hard to bring in a wide range of experts from varying relevant fields such as the oil and gas industry, mining, sustainable and renewable energy, farming, construction, land restoration, and environmental science. Our true goal at this land restoration and construction industry conference is to educate all professionals on their industry’s inter-disciplinary implications, encouraging them to share information and knowledge; when all of our companies work together towards sustainability, everyone profits, and everyone benefits!

A Unique Hands-On Reclamation Expo Experience

We understand that you, as a business owner or industry professional, don’t just want to hear about new science, technology and equipment innovations—you want to see and operate it for yourselves! This is why, in addition to a large number of speakers and presentations at our construction Summit, we also offer interactive stations and a 20-acre field where attendees can test out new equipment. We’re so excited about all the new sustainability practices that have been developed over the last year, and we want you to be excited about them too!

Working Together to Build a Better Tomorrow

At the end of the day, our goal for this reclamation convention is to bring people together in order to facilitate widespread success and environmental sustainability in our industries. Our live equipment demonstrations feature hardware that sets the industry standard for efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability. Our active learning stations are hosted by companies from varying industries, all of which are applicable in the restoration and construction world. Individuals from all these industries ranging from oil and gas, renewables, farming and mining. We will have open discussions about best practice methods, the way in which all our industries are intertwined, and the science behind successful construction and land reclamation.

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Past Summits

The National Summit for Reclamation and Construction is very excited to be in its third year! Check out some of the sponsors, schedule, and attending companies from our previous years.