The National Summit for Reclamation and Construction is open to many industries. A few of the industries we will meet with at the Summit are mining, energy, and restoration. Each of the industries bring unique and interesting experiences with them. We invite you to listen to and get to know attendees from other industries and use their perspectives and experiences to enrich your own projects moving forward. Below are just a few of the industries we expect to see at our 2020 Summit.

Upstream and Midstream

The Summit brings reclamation, construction, and environmental professionals together as advocates for land stewardship through responsible energy and infrastructure projects. The Summit provides valuable opportunities for oil and gas companies to participate in hands-on activities focused on construction and restoration best practices as well as opportunities to discuss real world challenges and solutions with regulatory agencies.

Transportation and Highways

The transportation and highways industries create an environment that allows other organizations and companies to perform projects beyond where their headquarters are located. As such, we welcome attendees from transportation and highways and look forward to hearing their perspective on our topics and how they affect their industries.

Aerial Analytics and Data Collection

The data collected from aerial analytics has continued to transform the way many other industries plan and perform their projects. We are excited to see how their industry is evolving and look forward to hearing their insights moving forward.




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