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Field Sessions

Innovative Equipment Demonstrations: These demonstrations will allow participants to see the latest and most innovative equipment in action and how ever-improving technology is vital to reclamation success.

Mining: See how the proper equipment can increase efficiencies on hard-to-access sites and increase safety and environmental footprints in these sensitive environments.

ROW Reclamation: ROWs cross varying terrain and soils types – these demonstrations will show the multiple equipment options that may be required to promote revegetation success and reduce overall costs throughout the ROW corridors.

Steep Slope Reclamation: Talk to industrial leaders on steep slope reclamation, using aerial equipment and site-specific seed mixtures that are designed to reduce slips and erosion.

Erosion Control: Demonstrations will show the correct implementation and application of varying erosion control devices including Hydromulch, Erosion Control Blanket, straw mulch, waddles and silt fence.

Reclamation Process Demonstrations: Twice during the day, a live demonstration will occur of the upland reclamation process. This is a hands-on demonstration, where the participants will get to see and touch the reclamation process.

UAV Mapping and Drone Technology: Demonstrations will highlight how to turn pretty pictures into meaningful data, that can be used to increase and monitor reclamation success.

Vegetation and Soil Analysis: Interact with leading soil scientists and agronomists, regarding how proper vegetation assessments and soil testing can increase reclamation success and decrease overall cost to projects.



Without question, specialized equipment is proving how advancements to the machinery and tools of our industry are increasing the success rates of reclamation, restoration and remediation work. Our day will be full of the latest and greatest equipment. Join us to see the following equipment and tools in action, as operated by their Subject Matter Experts.

Aerial-Based Application Devices
Deep Rippers
Ghost Tractor
High Speed Disk
Straw Blowers
Straw Crimpers
Super Drills
Rock Crushers

You will also have the chance to play in some of the equipment – if you ask nicely.


The ThinkTank

The ThinkTank will be a dedicated space in the heart of Field Sessions, where participants can gather to collaborate on ideas, theories, best practices and all that makes the reclamation, restoration and remediation industries such an evolving force and service.


2017 USA Reclamation Summit Field Layout:

Click here to download a PDF version of the 2017 USA Reclamation Summit Field Layout