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Charity Involvement

1.) Colorado Education Initiative – STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

More about the Colorado Education Initiative: Strengthening science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education and experiences for all Colorado students is a critical component to supporting innovation and postsecondary readiness. STEM competencies — often referred to as STEM literacy — prepare students to be critical thinkers, to persevere through failure to achieve success, to communicate and collaborate across real and perceived barriers, and to solve complex and ever-changing problems, among many other tangible and critical skills. Coloradans with these competencies will drive innovations and fuel our increasingly STEM-based economy.

2.) Colorado Trout Unlimited

More about Trout Unlimited: Today TU is a national organization with about 300,000 members and supporters organized into over 400 chapters and councils from Maine to Montana to Alaska. The organization remains committed to applying “the very best information and thinking available” in its conservation work and has developed cutting-edge tools such as the Conservation Success Index (CSI), a sophisticated framework for assessing the health of coldwater fish species throughout their native range. Whether this range encompasses a few hundred miles or multiple states, the CSI helps the organization target its efforts toward those populations most in need of protection or restoration. The CSI also enables TU to measure its progress in achieving the bold goals laid out in its mission and vision. These goals require the organization to work at increasingly larger scales, and to collaborate with other conservation interests, local communities and state and federal partners to begin to rebuild the natural resiliency of watersheds.